Videos | MTV First: Justin Bieber presenta "Boyfriend"

Justin Bieber Opens Up About Voice Change

"It's just deeper and sexier," Bieber says.

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Justin Bieber premieres his new video for "Boyfriend" and sits down for a live interview with Sway!

"I think that it was time to do something a little more mature, but also something my fans would love," Bieber says.

"He's just so creative and everything he says, he means it," Bieber says.

Bieber teases "As Long As You Love Me" may be his next single.

"He's just giving me the advice of just always keep the people who were there in the beginning," Bieber says.

Bieber continues to claim his "un-punk-able" status.

"I'm just trying to take over each place at a time," Bieber says of his dip into acting.

"I like more street stuff, he does a lot more vert stuff," Bieber says.

"I want to be at the top of the food chain," Bieber says.

"It's just deeper and sexier," Bieber says.

"You can be the best, but you can't stop growing," Bieber says.