Videos | VMAs 2010: el pre-show en la Alfombra Blanca

Jim Cantiello Interviews Paramore

Jim Cantiello interviews Hayley Williams from Paramore about her collaboration with B.o.B and her upcoming performance.

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Jim Cantiello interviews Hayley Williams from Paramore about her collaboration with B.o.B and her upcoming performance.

The MTV News correspondent tells us about how fans picked her outfit H&M. She also talks to Trey Songz and Ne-Yo about ...

Things start to get physical when Snooki and Angelina fight over sloppy seconds.

MTV's newest Twitter Jockey introduces cool social media technology and important hashtags to follow for the night.

The MTV News correspondent talks to the rapper about making women "feel special" and his "ex-wife" Nicki Minaj.

Verizon fan Michelle meets Sean Kingston and asks him what working with Nicki Minaj was like.

The sexy songstress talks about what it'd be like to win a Moonman while showing off her Russell Brand-themed manicure.

The 'Jersey Shore' staple talks about the tension with other girls in the house and how a good tan is a fashion must.

Sway and Katy react to the 'Jersey Shore' sneak peek, and then Sway tells us about the night's upcoming performances.

Jay Sean arrives in style with four gorgeous women and spills a secret about Nicki Minaj's accent.

The band enters with an entourage of cyclists and talks about putting bikes in their video.

Sway announces that Lady Gaga wins Best Dance Video for "Bad Romance" and Best Collaboration for "Telephone" featuring ...

MTV's Twitter Jockey says that Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are top trending topics right now.

The 'World of Jenks' star talks about the new MTV documentary series, learning how to swagger and his double date with ...

Maino takes Jenks on a double date, and Jenks gets some action from one of the women.

The hot emcee and the Black Eyed Peas member come to the outdoor pre-show stage for an out-of-this-world performance

The young superstar is excited for his VMA nominations and Usher offers him advice.

The MTV News correspondent tells us what to expect during the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

Thanks to Samsung Galaxy S mobile phones, fans win tickets to the 2011 VMAs.

Nicki Minaj takes the stage in a fluorescent jumpsuit and belts out with "Your Love" and "Check It Out" with the Black ...

Jim asks Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Wee-Man and crew what it'd be like to do a stunt with Justin Bieber.

The Seaside Heights crew gets a sneak peek of the crazy new film "Jackass 3D" and Snooki says it inspires her to prank ...

Bam Margera is the lucky recipient of a "Jackass"-style high five in this bonus clip from the 2010 VMAs.

Twitter winners meet Gabi and one lucky frontrunner scores two tickets inside the MTV Video Music Awards.

Sway congratulates B.o.B on his nominations and introduces the exclusive trailer to Kanye West's film "Runaway."

Sways shares his thoughts on Kanye West's new flick 'Runaway,' while MTV's Twitter jockey discusses #ifbiebermetgaga.

The 'Twilight' actress and last year's VMA style reporter shares her thoughts about Lady Gaga.

The 'True Blood' stars talk about being at the VMAs and what's going on in their respective careers.

The MTV News correspondent teases the main show and talks about VMA first-timers.

Gaga talks about the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, the discharged soldiers who attended the VMAs with her and the ...

As the pre-show comes to a close, Tim Kash introduces us to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards!

The MTV News correspondent rounds up glamorous looks from the evening and highlights Miranda Cosgrove, Emma Stone, and ...

Tim tells the pop singer that she looks like "trash," and she explains that she got her outfit from Home Depot. Oh, and ...