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Jennifer Lopez Wanted The 'Goin' In' Video To Show That It's 'Part Of The Movie'

Lopez laughs about seeing her "Step Up 4: Revolution" track for the first time.

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Lopez laughs about seeing her "Step Up 4: Revolution" track for the first time.

Jennifer Lopez laughs about how her daughter "gets very excited" whenever she performs, while her son "says nothing."

The singer/dancer talks about how important it was for her to get the choreography down for her "Goin' In" video.

Jennifer Lopez chooses Justin Bieber as a "younger [Justin] Timberlake" and Chris Brown as the next Michael Jackson ...

Lopez picks dancing with the girls from Quest Crew as her favorite memory from the music video set.

The pop diva reflects on the best moments of her life.

The rapper calls working with J. Lo on the track "an honor."

The singer picks "Follow the Leader" as her all-time favorite music videos, calling it "a lot of fun."

"I come out with a lot of energy," Lopez says about her stage presence.

J. Lo expresses how she always relates to dancers, which made her a "perfect fit" for the movie's soundtrack.

"Our shows are so different," Jennifer Lopez remarks about her joint tour with Iglesias.

"We all get caught up when we're the ones standing there," the former "Idol" judge says.

"That's the soundtrack to my life, to my career," Lopez says about her biggest hits, which include "If You Had My Love."

J. Lo checks out a clip of herself from ten years ago, and reflects on her journey since those days.

Sway picks "My Love Don't Cost a Thing" as his favorite J. Lo jam.

Touring around the world is at the top of Lopez's bucket list, and she's taking care of that right now.

Sway and J. Lo watch an old interview where she taught him the basic steps of salsa.