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Chester Bennington Recounts Dangerous Video Shoots

"I always end up getting the fun things to do," Bennington says.

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The guys of Linkin Park sit down with MTV to premiere their new music video.

The stunning first video from Linkin Park's new album "Living Things" - watch it exclusively with MTV

"I just kind of sit around in front of my computer and surf the web for cool images," Hahn says.

"I always end up getting the fun things to do," Bennington says.

"The set reminded me of kind of the core of civilization and the inception of mankind," Joe Hahn says.

Mike Shinoda breaks down the track's double meaning.

"I think there's a misconception people may have about what a person's creative process might be like," Chester ...

Although Shinoda would "love" to produce for the band, he finds value in having an outside perspective.

"We made a serious effort to touch all of the bases of all the different things that we've done," Mike Shinoda says.

"It probably took nine months or even a year before the song was actually done," Mike Shinoda says.

"It's kind of like finding yourself as this broken part of this big machine," Chester Bennington says.

"If we feel like something is really clicking with our fans and has a lot of great energy we'll add it to the set," ...

The guys take on a rapid-fire round of Twitter fan questions.

"We kind of made a record that represents everything we've done in one album," Chester Bennington says.