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Bieber Blow Dries His Hair

The singer creates his signature hair style. (3.22.10)

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"That's how a real basketball player plays," Bieber says after making a half court shot. (3.22.10)

The singer creates his signature hair style. (3.22.10)

Bieber talks about his craziest fan experience, pretty fans and more. (3.24.10)

Bieber takes pictures with fans and serenades the camera. (3.22.10)

The singer shows off his skating, soccer and hockey skills. (3.24.10)

The collaborators practice "Eenie Meenie" backstage. (3.22.10)

Justin Bieber takes the stage for his fans after a minor arm injury.

The singer talks about what he learned at the Louvre. (3.22.10)

Follow the pop star as he eats breakfast and washes up. (3.24.10)

Check out the "really weird" questions they ask the 15-year-old while he promotes his new album.

Back in New York, Bieber makes an amazing shot from half-court while goofing around with his best friend.

The singer performs for a sing-a-long crowd of fans. (3.22.10)

Justin plays guitar and sings for a small crowd. (3.22.10)

Bieber lies on the floor, warming up with his back-up singers. (3.22.10)

A mob of screaming fans forms outside the singers hotel in Paris. (3.22.10)

"I could, it just depends on the situation," the pop star admits. (3.24.10)

"I think at any age you can experience love, whether you're 80 or 5," he says. (3.22.10)

The superstar does a private performance, and then a more public one for the French fans who couldn't get in.