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The Wanted - Chasing The Sun

Título: Chasing The Sun
Álbum: The Wanted
Sello: Island Def Jam

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The Wanted

The guys bid farewell and love to their fans.

Siva wants the ability to absorb anyone's powers, while Max wants to breath underwater and swim with sharks.

"I think if anybody beats the Beatles, it will be officially fixed," Nathan says.

"She was very happy and American," Nathan says.

McGuiness throws back a tall one in 3.7 seconds!

The guys embarrass Max over his weak dance moves.

Sykes jokes his bandmates try to "ruin my life" by taking him to the Playboy Mansion for his birthday.

New York and California both top the guys' lists.

"I thought I was going to prison," Tom says. "American police are scary."

Aladdin, Finding Nemo and Lion King are among the favorites.

The guys declare the death of their social lives.

The guys have set out to change the public opinion on boy bands.

Max declares his love for New York City over his hometown of Manchester.

"A lot of video directors took it literally and had us running through a desert," Jake says.

The guys react to the positive fan response for "Chasing the Sun."