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Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Título: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
Álbum: Red
Sello: Big Machine Records

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"I'm absolutely freaking out," Swift says.

Swift reveals her career back-up plan involved either criminal justice or interior design.

"The cool thing about the video was we did it all in one take," Swift says.

"It was a frantic scene behind the camera," Swift says.

"His name is Noah Mills and he's a model," Swift says.

"We just created this song in like 30 minutes," Swift says.

Swift commends Sway on his interviewing skills.

"In general, red is just a bold, brave color," Swift says.

"I think it's double the amount of time you were with them," Swift says.

"Every performance seems to stand along and is kind of unique from the other ones," Swift says.

"It's blowing my mind. Thank you so much," Swift says to her fans for making her single number one.